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الصلوۃ والسلام علیک یارسول اللہ
صَلَّی اللہُ عَلٰی حَبِیْبِہٖ سَیِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدِ وَّاٰلِہٖ وَاَصْحَابِہٖ وَبَارَکَ وَسَلَّمْ
واہ کیا مرتبہ اے غوث ہے بالا تیرا
اونچے اونچوں کے سروں سے قدم اعلیٰ تیرا
المدد یاغوث الااعظم


  1. Anyone seeking the help of others beside ALLAH has failed to recognise the Greatness of ALLAH
  2. The sign of a Wali is conspicuous by his total reliance on ALLAH, making him independent from the creation because, in every instance, he seeks the help of ALLAH alone.
  3. A ‘SIDDIQ’ is one who has the true love for ALLAH.
  4. Do not turn to the creation for assistance but ask for your needs only from ALLAH. Where circumstances make it necessary to approach one of the creations for some aid, then the first step is to fill one’s heart with the love of ALLAH, and ALLAH in turn would guide the individual towards his goal which may be achieved through the instrument of any creation

    through the Will of ALLAH. Thus the assistance is directly from ALLAH through the agency of HIS choice.

  5. The sign of a Believer is that he makes genuine efforts to earn a halaal livelihood instead of remaining idle and relying upon Fate. In this manner his efforts would reap sustenance as well as rewards and even if there is not much success in attracting sustenance, he would still earn the full rewards.

  6. Divorce the world from the heart and place it upon your hands i.e. acquire the riches of the world but let that not overpower or affect the heart: wealth can come and go but its acquisition, accumulation and safeguard should not become the supreme purpose or essence of our lives.

  7. Do not harbour the hopes of becoming wealthy.
  8. Deena knowledge without practice is of no avail.
  9. Do not become the slave of your desires.
  10. Do not complain about ALLAH to his creations
  11. Avoid arrogance and pride.
  12. Never side with your baser and lower desires.
  13. Hold fast onto patience.
  14. Do not boast about your acts of worship.
  15. The Ulama, saintly and pious people are firm like mountains, unaffected by difficulties and hardships. Such righteous people remain steadfast and never waver from their staunch and unyielding stand of Towheed.
  16. Only such advise is fruitful which emanates from a tongue of practice.
  17. You eat your fill whilst your neighbour remains hungry, and yet you claim to be a Muslim.
  18. Obedience to ALLAH is with the heart and not just the body.
  19. In developing love or hatred for any person, make no haste, investigate in accordance with and in the light upon the criteria of the QURAAN and AHADITH lest you think ill of any person wrongfully and that is a sin.
  20. ALLAH alone has complete control of all affairs and none has the ability of meddling in any matter which ALLAH has ordained or of changing what HE has decreed. Whoever believes that he personally or any saint, has the power of altering TAQDEER, is astray.
  21. Its is only ALLAH who elevates and honours with respectability, and it is ALLAH alone who demotes and degrades a person from his rank. He it is who appoints someone to a notable position whilst dismissing and removing another. He grants to some LIFE and DEATH to others, He makes some rich and other poor; He gives to some what He withholds
  22. from others. It is ALLAH alone who alters the conditions of His creations.
  23. Always perform your salaah as if its the last salaah one would ever be able to make on earth.
  24. In speech and action always try and follow the example set by RASULULLAH (SalAllahu Alayhi Wassalam)
  25. The path of salvation lies only in the obedience and following of RASULULLAH (SalAllahu Alayhi Wassalam)
  26. Whilst you are chasing after the world to accept what it offers, the world is pursuing the pious.
  27. Adopt the company of the pious.
  28. Do not discriminate between the rich and the poor.
  29. Do not employ DEEN and RELIGION as the means of earning your livelihood.
  30. It is not appropriate or befitting for any person to assume the role of a Deeni Lecturer unless the heart has been cleansed of all evil tendencies.
  31. The key for success is FEAR OF ALLAH
  32. Stay far from evil company.
  33. Do not waste and expand your lives in seeking knowledge without due regard to its AMAL (practice)
  34. Waging war against one’s own lowly passions and desire is more difficult than jihad (war) against the physical enemies of Islam.
  35. It is your duty to make efforts and strive in the Path of ALLAH, and to support you in this task is the responsibility of ALLAH. Dive confidently into the ocean of struggle, spread your feet and manoeuvre your arms and the waves will carry you to the shore.
  36. It is essential to follow the Shariah because without that, it is not possible to gain spiritual elevation and progress.
  37. If u sit in the company of the ignorant then their ignorance will envelop you.
  38. Serve others and you will be served.
  39. Why do you mention things which you do not carry out?
  40. It is a pity that you qualify as a Hafiz but fail to practise upon it.
  41. Protect the limits and boundaries of shariah.
  42. The real tasawwuf lies in the following of the shariah.
  43. The Aa’lim who practises upon Deen is the deputy of ALLAH.
  44. When you have mercy upon the creation, ALLAH will shower HIS mercy upon you.
  45. There is no gift worth regarding as equal to that of FAQR (poverty) SABR (patience) and SALAMATI (peace) so in your poverty remain rich in ALLAH.
  46. So hard (and unsympathetic) your hearts have grown that love, mercy and compassion exists no more between you. The orders of shariah were an amanat (trust) with you but you have neglected everything.
  47. Save your head from prostrating before any other being besides ALLAH.
  48. A lazy person is always deprived.
  49. Remain ashamed of ALLAH and fall not into negligence
  50. Whosoever does any action to please some other being besides ALLAH, has in reality, done no good action at all.
  51. When the foundation of a building is insecure, a strong or heavy structure upon it would soon crumble, but a faulty building upon a strong foundation would withstand and repairs as the structural weaknesses could easily be corrected. Similarly, the foundation of one’s action’s is TOWHEED(UNITY OF ALLAH) and SINCERITY. Without these two traits, one’s deeds remain impotent.
  52. The hypocrite and show-off endeavours to attract material wealth by using deen as his medium.Though lacking in piety and righteousness, he presents himself as one of the pious, speaking the language of the pious but his unworthy deeds betray his pretence.
  53. The divine wisdom(for causing or preventing any event)is known to ALLAH alone.
  54. Those who prefer sleep over remaining awake, have given the priority to a baser option.
  55. Haraam food obliterates the NOOR(glow)of IMAAN and note well that when the light of IMAAN is extinguished then all the other IBAADAT(acts of worship)like salaah, roza, iklaas, giving priority to others, etc, would come to naught!
  56. Sayyiduna MUHAMMAD al Mustafa has warned that the causing of inconvenience to a pious believer is a sin that is FIFTEEN TIMES worse than destroying the Kaaba.
  57. O! Those who cause injury to the pious: take pity upon yourself and study the above HADITH. The pious people are those who bring faith in ALLAH, are righteous, recognise ALLAH and have trust in HIM. Pity is for you, who hurt the feelings of the virtuous ,for shortly you would be dying and dragged out of your home, departing forever from wealth for which you had been sacrificing your life but neither would that wealth now benefit you in any way nor would it alleviate your difficulties.

  58. The improvement, correction and reformation of the heart occurs with TAQWA(fear of ALLAH).
  59. If you bear hardship with patience, then victory is imminent.
  60. Vanquish your desire with the dagger of TOWHEED, securing it with the armour of TOWFEEQ(inclination towards good actions),and arm it with the Javelin and Spear of SACRIFICE, the Shield of PIETY and the Sword of YAQEEN(firm faith and conviction).Now, use the sword and javelin unceasingly until such time that your NAFS and lower desires are completely subdued and you have overpowered it like a rider mounted upon his charge with the reins firmly in his grip.
  61. Vanquish your desire with the dagger of TOWHEED, securing it with the armour of TOWFEEQ(inclination towards good actions),and arm it with the Javelin and Spear of SACRIFICE, the Shield of PIETY and the Sword of YAQEEN(firm faith and conviction).Now, use the sword and javelin unceasingly until such time that your NAFS and lower desires are completely subdued and you have overpowered it like a rider mounted upon his charge with the reins firmly in his grip.
  62. The more older a momin(believer)gets, the stronger his imaan becomes.
  63. How can that person be a teacher to others, when he is not able to teach(control)his nafs.
  64. The first thing, which a man of intelligence should see the condition and composition of his own self and then all the creations and inventions.
  65. A momin leaves his family and children in the care of ALLAH and the munafiq(hypocrite)leaves his family and children in the care of his wealth.
  66. O Aalim do not cause your knowledge to become impure by sitting amongst with people of the world.
  67. The state of your affair is either that you are not in the nearness of ALLAH or you are close to HIM.
  68. O people do not claim what you do not possess..
  69. Worldly people run behind the Duniya(world)while the Duniya(world)runs behind those who seek ALLAH.
  70. O my people! Respect the book of ALLAH and take it as a guide to your behavior. It is the link between you and ALLAH.
  71. If you ever have the good fortune to come across a truly honest person, you must stick close to him always, wherever he may lead you.
  72. Whenever someone is content to accept the divine decree, that person can enjoy rest and relaxation. Whenever someone is not content with it, his experience of misery and trouble can only be prolonged, and he will still obtain nothing from his world except that which has been allotted to him.
  73. Obedient service to ALLAH is performed by the heart(qalb),not the outer mould(qalab)
  74. In the simplest terms, thankfulness(shukr)means that you do not disobey ALLAH by misusing HIS gracious favours.


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